Debbie Arruda

Debbie Arruda


I have studied and worked in textiles since 2007. I am a graduate of the Craft and Design Textiles program at Sheridan College. My first textile love was knitting but I have grown to love so many processes throughout the years, from embroidery to felting to block printing and screen printing. In my final year at Sheridan my thesis work was about quilting and natural dyeing, and this is still the focus of my work today.

I strive to stock my little online shop with with curated selection of sewing, knitting and crafting supplies that are conscientious and thoughtful. You will find that all the fabrics and yarns are constructed of natural fibres, with a focus on organically grown fibres. Throughout 2021 I will begin to add handmade items to the shop, and I can't wait to hear what you think of them. Here's to more making, mending, and doing our best to live slower and more thoughtful lives. Thank you so much for stopping by.